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Welcome to the Natural Saddlebred Association Inc.  

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

NSA is an equine educational organization promoting safe equine rescue, rehabilitation, and working with the equine community to protect the horses and reduce the need for future rescue.

NSA recognized the need for higher education within the equestrian community as well as the need for a collective connected community. 

Horse rescues need money and good help. They also need to expand their community. NSA is here to help fulfill the need for a connected community with the shared goal to
support one another

Many rescue horses are in need of rescue purely because they have talents that go unrecognized. NSA is here to educate equestrians to help guide them to the best sources to help them achieve the best bond and partnership with their horse. 

NSA provides an event circuit that awards achievements both for horse and equestrian based on individual effort and achievements. Competitors choose how they compete. Online shows, breed shows, open events, and we have an enthusiast program that offers non-horse options and can be done from anywhere within the US. Many of these options make competing with horses affordable, which in turn will give more horses homes.​

We will be hosting art competitions, an equine competition, a trail ride/hike, and a couple clinics in 2020 so please keep an eye on our EVENTS page for details.

NSA registered horses may compete for year end awards without doing anything but what they're already doing. Help us grow by getting involved so we can help educate more people on foster, adoption, sponsorship, safety, horsemanship, and how to get started achieving success with your equine partner. 

Register your horse of any breed or type with NSA and compete anywhere in the US.

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us achieve our goals.  If you're interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you.  Volunteering can be done from any location and can be adjusted to suit nearly any individual.



The smell, the feel, and the bond between horse and human is the BEST!

Thank you for visiting.  We hope you decide to stay.  You are welcome here.

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