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The Natural Saddlebred Association Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. 

The NSA offers:  Membership, An Event-Based Registry, Educational System, Youth/Mentor Program, All Breed Event Calendar with a semi-traditional show circuit for Natural Saddlebreds. 

The NSA registry is an event-based registry for all types of horses, with focus on individuals who have talents which may fall outside their breed specifics.  Registered, rescues, and mixed breeds are all welcome at NSA.

The NSA is your source for a family friendly educational venue that welcomes everyone to be involved in the horse community.  We welcome horse enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds, and all abilities.  The NSA is founded on the goal of educating and promoting through shows, events, clinics, on line demonstrations, and educational videos.  By educating members and offering no-cost and low-cost education avenues, we intend to strengthen the horse industry by building a strong interest in horses, with particular focus on horses in need. 

As a team we will all to come together to fight for equine welfare.  It all starts with an idea.   



What is a Natural Saddlebred?


A Natural Saddlebred is a horse or pony of any type that is accepted for their individual talents rather than their breed-specific ideals.


Why Saddlebred if not exclusive to the breed?


Saddlebreds are where it all starts. Saddlebreds need us to change. We intend to offer a Saddlebred show circuit that will allow horses to show in bitless bridles and other individual-specific equipment intended to improve comfort for the horse. All horses shown are encouraged to be barefoot. There will be weight limits on any shoes and length limits on toe. Excessive motion will be penalized in pleasure classes.

There is an endless list of “companion horses” and a short list of good homes/families for those horses. NSA offers a way to compete with the companion horses by offering in-hand classes for those wonderful horses. Many of us have turned away from great horses because they failed to arrive before us with papers. NSA gives those horses back their value by allowing them to register for competition.

Saddlebreds come in all types and it’s time they had the opportunity to compete side-by-side with all breeds.


Many ASB fans are going to take a while to adjust to the name Natural Saddlebred Association because it’s not exclusive to the breed. Saddlebreds are less than revered by the general horse community and seldom known by the general public. NSA wants to show everyone that Saddlebreds can compete alongside other breeds.


All breeds are welcome because we all deserve a place to belong.

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We have donation banks so you can choose where your money goes.

Please email with any questions & suggestions as we are just getting started and would love your input.

Our first show is already scheduled for September of 2018 in Shelbyville, KY. 

Every member & registered horse may compete in any event anywhere & earn points towards NSA awards.

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