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             R     N    H    R

               I              E    T




Beginning on February 7, 2021 NSA will be holding an art contest. Start getting ready now because this is going to be EPIC!!!



You will have 3 weeks + 3 float days to complete your work.

Over the 3 weeks you will complete 3 original works of art. If life steps in and you need extra time you have float days to use.

You will need a partner for weeks 2 & 3.  If you don't have one please let us know.

You must select at least 2 different medias (Paintings, knitting, sketching, sculpting, etc.)  

The goal is to step outside your comfort zone and maybe discover a hidden talent.


WEEK 1: You choose your subject and medium.

WEEK 2: Your partner chooses your subject and you choose the medium.

WEEK 3: You choose your subject and medium but your partner chooses 3 things you must incorporate into your art project.


$10/Person entry fee. We want everyone to get to participate. If you are, or know an art enthusiast who would like to compete but may not have the funds for the entry fee please contact us and we will do what we can so everyone who wants to compete may do so. Anyone with the means to pay it forward by paying the fee for another person to compete please let us know.  This is a fundraiser for NSA.  Money raised will be used to host and equine event, clinics, educational videos for our YouTube channel, and a group ride/hike in the fall of 2021.

Fees can be paid through Paypal at, on the donations page on the website (donate in any bank or scroll to bottom of banks and click on the last one), or by mail.

After the 3 weeks & 3 days, artists will submit pictures of all their artwork to:

The 3 completed works will be posted with artist name, junior (under18 years on 2/7/2021) or senior (18+ years on 2/7/2021), state, medium used, subject, and on the final project a list of the 3 partner suggested items incorporated into the work.

The art will be shared on social media to gain votes. The votes will determine the winners and placings.


First prize is a $25 gift card, second prize is a $20 gift card, third prize is a $10 gift card.

(Prizes awarded in both junior and senior divisions.)

Tell your friends and family about this competition!  It is really fun and anyone can compete!

Be proud and remember to sign your work.

Email pictures to:

Questions: please text or call 502-603-9923

Natural Saddlebred Association Inc

412 Leesburg Pike

Georgetown, KY 40324

NSA Black Logo.png
Samples of our trial below
BOTA try KW1.jpg
Katie, KY, senior, Oil on Canvas
"River Nights"
BOTA try KP1.jpg
Khari, KY, senior, Oil on Canvas +
"Glamorous Farm Life"
BOTA try KW2.jpg
BOTA try KP2.jpg

Khari, KY, senior, Modeling Clay


Katie, KY, senior, Oil on Canvas


BOTA try KW3.jpg

Katie, KY, senior, Pencil on Paper

"Martini Fish"

Tater tot, Stick, -3-eyed fish

BOTA try KP3.jpg
Khari, KY, senior, Charcoal & Pastel on Paper
"Mother Nature"
Meatball, Button, Shooting star

Fill out entry form then click on the REGISTER NOW button.

To go to payments click on the $10 Entry Link and click on any blue banner.

O A Entry Form

Admission fee for this course is $10

Thanks for participating!

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