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Memberships run from January 1-December 31

All memberships include:  Quarterly e-newsletter "outsidethebox", discounted rates on most clinics & events, networking availability on the website, personal invites to events, recognition for accomplishments for both horse and equestrian (You're responsible for getting the details emailed to by November 30th), ability to compete at NSA shows at a reduced rate, reduced horse transfer fees, full access to the website and all its features, and reduced rates on NSA online competitions where you can compete with people from all over the US from your own back yard. Membership also includes the ability for rescues to post horses who are available for sponsor, foster, or adoption.  Members can submit brief sales posts.  Trainers, rescues, fosters, breeders, and equine rehabilitation specialists can submit their info, location, and specialties to be posted on the map to make it easy for everyone to locate the best source of assistance in their area.

An NSA membership is a great way for those just getting started with horses to learn how to be the best equestrian and best friend to your horse.  An NSA membership is also the best answer to those wanting to compete who are on a budget, don't have transportation, and for those horse lovers who have no desire to leave their own back yard but would still love to show off their horse friends.

Competing Family and Competing Adult Memberships also include the ability to apply for funds in the NSA "BANKS".

Adult Competing  $30

Adult Non-Competing $10

Youth Competing $25

Youth Non-Competing $10

Family Competing $75

Family Non-Competing $40

Enthusiast/Admirer  $10

*Details on each membership are on the MemberPlanet page.  *MemberPlanet is our software system.

The "JOIN NOW" button below will direct you to MemberPlanet where you will be asked to create a log-in and submit your information.

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